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Table tipping, Spirit Messages, Soul work and creative workshops are some of the ways you can work with Phyllis. Even after nearly 30 years of working with her own gifts and offering them to the public, she is still amazed at what people have brought into this lifetime to learn, complete and explore as spirits having a human experience.

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Phyllis and the realms of the Divine have been working together for nearly 30 years bringing messages of love, hope and guidance to people from their loved ones who have passed, helping to facilitate deep conversations between clients and their Guidance, as well as workshops to teach clients how to connect with their special gifts – because, we all have them! Phyllis is passionate about helping people find their unique soul gifts and walking with them as they explore the different ways those gifts want to be expressed in the world. She shares with clients a number of different tools and resources she has learned and developed over the years to help people connect with their souls.

In addition to all of her work in the divine realms, she is also a master Creatrix. If you can buy the supplies in your favorite art/craft store, she’s courted it as a hobby at one point or another! She loves expressing herself through papercrafts and art. Her crafting collections are enviable! And, so is her creative flair and energy. As a Generator in Human Design, when she gets into the flow of creating something magical, her energy becomes magnetic and you cannot help but be pulled into your own creative energy.

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